House Republican: There's a "High Degree of Probability" Something Explodes at Sochi

Posted: Feb 09, 2014 2:00 PM

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul is not merely a congressman from the state of Texas; he’s the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. And this morning on Fox News Sunday, he explicitly said that the probability of something detonating outside the “ring of steel” at the Olympic Winter Games is “high.”

From The Corner:

The Russian government has deployed some 40,000 officers and safety personnel to secure the Games. So while the venues themselves are ostensibly safe, the threat of terrorism is still very real. "I think the venues themselves will be OK,” Rep. Mike Rodgers (R-MI) told CNN earlier in the week. “The Russians have [a lot] of guards, gates and guns to try to secure the venues and try to get a ring around the Games. [But] I'm very concerned by the sheer level of attention and effort, not just from Chechens and folks in that region, but outside of that region that have expressed an interest in actually having a violent act occur at the Games."

Millions of people from across the globe will tune in and watch the Olympics. Eighty-eight countries will participate, a net increase of six from 2010. So terrorists recognize that an attack somewhere at Sochi, according to McCaul -- whether inside or outside the “ring of steel” -- would be a symbolic victory for them, even if no one is injured or killed. Thus those attending the games must be extra vigilant, and should exercise caution when venturing outside the Olympic village.

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