House Democrat on Obamacare: "The Fundamentals of the Law Are Good"

Posted: Jan 21, 2014 3:30 PM

In what universe?

If the “fundamentals” of the law are so good why does Rep. Sinema want to delay the individual mandate, a provision that was written into the Affordable Care Act? In so doing, she would all but guarantee that not enough “Young Invincibles” would sign-up for Obamacare, and therefore, the law would implode under its own weight. Does she not realize this?

The truth is that any federal statute that forces millions of Americans off their current health care plans when they were promised they could keep them is, by definition, a flawed program. And for the record, so is a federal statute that purports to cut costs but doesn’t. Then again, one could plausibly argue that the law was supposed to fail -- and thus forcing millions of Americans off their current plans was a necessary means to an end. But Democrats’ true intentions aside, this law is fundamentally unworkable and must be repealed.

Why? Here’s another reason: a study recently concluded that 1,000 jobs disappeared in West Michigan and one-third of companies in the area said they cut their employee's hours. Again, a law that kills jobs at the same time it negatively impacts workers is by definition a flawed program.

Of course, affordable and universal health care for every American is the end-goal. But it’s increasingly clear that Obamacare is the wrong approach. And the longer Democrats continue to defend its "fundamentals" as "good," the worse off they'll be.

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