Bob Filner Sentenced

Posted: Dec 09, 2013 2:20 PM
Bob Filner Sentenced

The nation’s creepiest former mayor has finally been sentenced for his crimes. He won’t go to prison, naturally, but he can’t run for (or hold) political office ever again. That might be music to some San Diegans’ ears:

Bob Filner was sentenced Monday to three months of home confinement and three years of probation for harassing women while he was mayor of San Diego, completing the fall of the former 10-term congressman who barely a year ago achieved his long dream of being elected leader of the nation's eighth-largest city.

What crimes, specifically, did he confess to? Oh:

Filner, who resigned amid widespread allegations of sexual harassment, pleaded guilty in October to one felony and two misdemeanors for placing a woman in a headlock, kissing another woman and grabbing the buttocks of a third.

Nearly two dozen women have come forward and accused him of unwanted sexual advances. And he won’t serve any prison time:

Nearly 20 women have publicly identified themselves as targets of Filner's unwanted advances, including kissing, groping and requests for dates. His accusers include a retired Navy rear admiral, a San Diego State University dean and a great-grandmother who volunteers answering senior citizens' questions at City Hall.

The charges do not involve Filner's former communications director, Irene McCormack Jackson, who expedited the mayor's downfall by becoming the first to go public with sexual harassment allegations in July. She has filed a lawsuit against Filner and the city, claiming her boss asked her to work without panties, demanded kisses, told her he wanted to see her naked and dragged her in a headlock while whispering in her ear.

The guy obviously has some serious, serious mental issues if he allegedly creeped on someone’s poor great-grandmother, not to mention 19 other women. Thus, it’s probably a good thing he won’t be able to (legally) leave his home for the next three months. Women in his city might feel a bit safer.

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