Shots Fired on Capitol Hill?

Posted: Oct 03, 2013 2:25 PM

UPDATE (Christine): Suspect has been identified as 34-year-old Miriam Carey of Stamford, Conn.

UPDATE (Christine): Police are in Stamford, CT investigating what is believed to be the suspect's house.

UPDATE (Christine): Police are now confirming that the suspect is deceased. Two officers were hurt, but are expected to be okay.

UPDATE (Christine): Reportedly 17 shots were fired at the suspect.

UPDATE: We're still waiting for more details about what happened. But I'm signing off for the night. Christine will take it from here.

UPDATE: Video added of the police chase. Insane:

UPDATE: Unconfirmed by police:

UPDATE: It's not clear if the suspect was even armed. All the gun shots reportedly came from police:

UPDATE: Capitol Hill police said in a press conference this afternoon that the suspect was indeed a woman. According to authorities she injured a police officer during the incident. It appears she attempted to ram through a barricade somewhere outside the White House. No police officers were shot, although a child was reportedly found in the car and recovered safely. The spokesman also said they had no evidence at this time that what happened was terrorism-related. They said it was an “isolated incident.” There will be another press conference at 4:15 PM. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: A quick summation of what reportedly happened. Not confirmed. We're still waiting for the press conference to start:

UPDATE: Fox News confirms that the suspect was a woman.

UPDATE: The president has been briefed on the situation.

UPDATE: Confirmed:

UPDATE: Capitol Hill is no longer on lock down, according to Fox News. Also, there will be a press conference at 3:00 PM. We should have more details soon.

UPDATE: Again, this is *unconfirmed*:

UPDATE: There is reportedly a car chase underway right now:

UPDATE: The suspect(s) tried to get through to the White House? This is unconfirmed:

UPDATE: Reportedly seven or eight shots were fired (via The Hill):

The Capitol was locked down Thursday after reports that shots were fired outside one of the House office buildings.

Some lawmakers said seven or eight shots were fired, and that they seemed to be coming from the area of the Rayburn House Office Building.

Capitol Police ordered people to remain in the buildings.

Pennsylvania Avenue was also cleared because of the shots, and Secret Service agents could be seen putting up barricades across the street from White House.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said he and other lawmakers standing on a balcony outside the House chamber heard seven or eight shots.

UPDATE: Policemen are on high alert with their guns drawn:

UPDATE: This is what the scene looks like on Capitol Hill right now:

UPDATE: More info:

UPDATE: One confirmed injury thus far:

UPDATE: AP confirms:

This is breaking news:

Stay tuned.

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