Scott Walker: “I Want to See Fire” in Romney’s Belly

Posted: Sep 23, 2012 3:00 PM

It looks like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is offering the GOP presidential nominee some free advice: Get it together, Mitt:

Echoing his sentiment from a Friday interview, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said Sunday he wants to see “more passion” from Mitt Romney and more of the enthusiasm he witnessed when Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was first tapped by the former governor to be his running mate.

“I want to see fire in the belly,” Walker said of Romney on “Fox News Sunday,” adding that he wants to see the Republican nominee “lit up and ready to go.”

During a Friday interview with WTMJ radio in Milwaukee, Walker said he was
”enthused” when Romney picked Ryan to be his running mate “because I thought that was a signal that this guy was getting serious, he was getting bold.” But, he added, “I just haven’t seen that kind of passion I know that Paul has transferred over to our nominee.”

Walker made a renewed call Sunday for a return to a more impassioned style of campaigning, saying he would like to see “more of the enthusiasm” he saw when Romney and Ryan “were together early on.”

Addressing a local issue, Walker called a Dane County Circuit Court judge’s recent ruling against his signature law that curbed collective bargaining for most public employees a “temporary setback.” He expressed confidence a higher court would restore it.

In fairness, I think Governor Romney is already fired up. Go back and watch this video. Does this look like a man who doesn’t want to be the next President of the United States? Part of the problem, of course, is that the mainstream media is protecting and abetting the president. How? Well, for starters, by essentially ignoring the Obama administration’s egregious foreign policy failures two weeks ago; instead using the occasion to (unfairly) attack Mitt Romney. (I imagine it’s rather difficult to talk about issues that actually matter when one is always deflecting criticism). Anyway, despite such unscrupulous tactics, there’s at least one reason to be optimistic: the first 2012 presidential debate is only ten days away. Governor Romney has reportedly spent hours preparing -- and let’s not forget, after surviving a brutal and protracted Republican primary, he’s no stranger to being on stage. So while Governor Walker might not believe Mitt Romney is “lit up and ready to go” at the present moment, I’d simply say this: You can bet your bottom dollar he will be on October 3rd.