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American Crossroads Video: Will President Obama Denounce the “Cancer” Ad?

What does a politically vulnerable US president do -- four months before Election Day -- when his economic policies have failed on their own terms, his “signature” legislative achievement has been ruled a massive tax hike on middle income families, and the national unemployment rate has been above eight percent for forty-two straight months? Well, that’s easy. Just run a deeply divisive, slanderous, and fact-free presidential campaign, that’s what. To wit: this past week a handful of Obama surrogates were presented with opportunities to repudiate a mendacious and controversial political advertisement (released by the Pro-Obama SuperPAC Priorities USA) suggesting Mitt Romney -- wait for it -- literally killed someone. They refused. Now, however, the Karl Rove-backed SuperPAC American Crossroads is firing back, in part, by unveiling a devastating campaign spot of their own -- one that (a) explicitly calls into question the president’s integrity and (b) exposes the unscrupulous and dishonest Chicago-style campaign tactics of this administration.


Exit question: Will President Obama put politics aside and finally denounce the so-called “Cancer” advertisement once and for all?

I for one highly doubt it; but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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