New Walker Ad: Let’s Compare Records, Shall We?

Posted: Jun 01, 2012 4:15 PM

On June 5th Wisconsinites will head to the polls and decide the fate of Governor Scott Walker. While the latest Marquette University poll shows him holding a modest lead over his Democratic challenger – Tom Barrett – now is not the time to grow complacent. Unsurprisingly, Team Walker is kicking their campaign into overdrive, rolling out a series of new advertisements touting the governor’s legislative achievements. Here’s the latest:

In other words, this election really boils down to whether or not voters want to live within their means or return to the failed and fiscally irresponsible policies of the past. The fact is Scott Walker balanced a $3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes, added 33,000 net jobs since taking office, and implemented a controversial reform package – as Guy reported last week – that saved Wisconsinites $1 billion. His record, in many ways, speaks for itself. But will it be enough to convince the electorate he deserves a so-called “second term”? His policies have undoubtedly jumpstarted Wisconsin’s economy and created opportunity in a state that has long been governed by special interests and unions. Let’s hope that Team Walker pulls out a victory on Tuesday -- after all, this is perhaps the second most consequential election of the year.