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Throughout the 2012 Republican primary Democrats have worked tirelessly to paint Mitt Romney -- through a series of out-of-context snippets and unfair attack ads -- as a privileged bully who doesn’t care about poor people or animals. And to some degree, these distortions have been successful. After all, according to a recent ABC News poll, while voters trust Mitt Romney over President Obama on jobs and the economy; he trails The One in personal favorability by double digits. As a result, the Romney camp recently unveiled a short personal web video recounting his wife’s long struggle with multiple sclerosis. (H/T The Hill):


Even though this advertisement won’t completely erase the warped perception that Mitt Romney is a “vampire" capitalist who only cares about money, it shows that the GOP nominee is deeply devoted to his wife and family. Oh, and by the way, I do not think -- as some have suggested -- that the former governor refers to his wife as his “soul mate” and “a real champion and fighter” merely for political purposes. This is what he genuinely believes. That being the case -- the more voters learn about Romney’s role as a husband, for example -- the less “robotic” and out-of-touch he seems. These types of personal advertisements are a great way for Team Romney to introduce their candidate to the American people. And they appear to be working.

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