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Is it a coincidence the Democratic National Committee unleashed a web ad depicting presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney “more conservative” (or in other words, more out-of-touch) than Rick Santorum the very day he received his endorsement? I think not:


Even though Democrats continue to take his words out of context, I think Mitt Romney would have actually welcomed parts of this “attack” ad, say, three months ago when he was vying for votes during the Republican primary. Today, however, with the nomination locked up and general election in full swing, perhaps it’s not surprising the DNC is actively trying to paint Romney as “more conservative” than his erstwhile challenger to hurt him. After all, at one point Rick Santorum did wage a seemingly unprovoked war against hard-core pornography, a development in the campaign that doubtless left more than a few Republicans scratching their heads.

In any case, this latest attack ad is merely another example of Democrats playing the fear-mongering card – “Mitt Romney doesn’t care about poor people!” -- to undermine his candidacy. We’ve seen this charade played out before. Yet given the enormous challenges we face – high unemployment, a broken entitlement system, and trillion dollar deficits – and the president’s evident failure to adequately address any of them, it’s obvious now more than ever Democrats are resorting to unfair campaign tactics to destroy Mitt Romney and hold on to the White House in November.


Meanwhile, the Romney camp has unleashed a series of devastating web ads that take direct aim at President Obama’s record. I personally find this spot much more effective.


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