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During a speech in Arizona yesterday, presumptive Republic nominee Mitt Romney didn’t hold back his anger and disappointment when discussing the president’s eco-friendly energy policies – that is, his refusal to take fuller advantage of our “below ground” resources such as coal, oil and natural gas. Indeed, the presidential candidate eviscerated the Obama administration’s so-called “all of the above” approach to addressing the nation’s energy needs. “We all like wind and solar,” he said. “But we also like those [resources] below the ground.” Unfortunately, as it turns out, the EPA and other environmentalists have worked hard – and successfully, I might add – under President Obama’s watch to regulate fracking, limit drilling in the Gulf, and punish America’s energy sector.


Perhaps most importantly, though, Romney touched on the fact that the United States spends “hundreds of billions of dollars” on foreign oil. If elected president, he told the largely Republican audience, he’ll change that by increasing domestic oil production and opening up trade with Canada. “Oh and by the way,” he added. “I will build that pipeline if I have to myself.”

Take a look, courtesy of The Hill.

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