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Rick Santorum Schools CNN Anchor on Obama’s Appeasement Policies

After a strong performance last night, Rick Santorum appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning ready for another rhetorical battle. During the course of the interview, Candy Crowley – CNN’s chief political correspondent – asked him to defend statements he previously made at a Republican conference regarding President Obama’s “appeasement” foreign policy. Santorum, who stood his ground, argued that despite popular perception and spin from the White House, President Obama still refuses to implement any meaningful sanctions against the Iranian government to prevent them from procuring nuclear weapons. An argument erupted, however, when Crowley misleading claimed that the President, in fact, already imposed crippling sanctions on the Mullah regime. Rick responded with this nugget:


“Candy, hold on. Hold on. Stop, Candy,” he said. “That's just not true. Ask Robert Menendez and ask all the folks in the United States Senate who want to impose the real sanction that will make a difference on Iran and the President has opposed it. Now that's just a fact. He also has recognized the state of Syria, called Assad a reformer, has continued to have an embassy there when in fact this is a real thug that is a real threat to the state of Israel and to the stability of the region.”

(H/T NewsBusters)


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