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Scott Brown Sets the Record Straight

On Tuesday, Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) fired back at the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) – a prominent liberal special-interest group in Massachusetts – for distorting his legislative record. His op-ed, which was published in the Lowell Sun, explains how the organization has spent millions of dollars in recent weeks on attack ads geared at derailing his reelection campaign and misleading voters.


And what exactly are some of these gross distortions? According to Brown, one of the problems with LCV’s most recent attack ad is that it takes his voting record out of context. His political enemies suggest he is anti-environment, for example, simply because he voted in favor of building a fence across America’s southern border in order to curtail illegal immigration.

“In reality,” he said. “I have worked across the aisle on bipartisan legislation to protect our communities from harmful pollutants, to make our homes and businesses more energy-efficient and to begin to wean us off foreign oil.”

Furthermore, he refutes the allegation that he is opposed to closing corporate tax loopholes. Indeed, he unequivocally supports simplifying the tax code, as long as the special deductions saved do not land in the hands of Washington spendthrifts.

“Lower tax rates, for both individuals and businesses, will put more money in the hands of people who know better than government how to spend it in ways that will get our economy moving again,” he said.

In any event, I am not the least bit surprised to learn that special-interest groups – who have already spent over $3 million this year attacking Scott Brown in Massachusetts – are now working with the entrenched liberal political machine to denigrate him. Considering he only voted the party line 78% of the time in 2010 – and 50% of Massachusetts voters believe he is an independent voice for his home state – Brown is, as much as anyone, an autonomous leader in Washington. Evidently, as a lauded freshman senator who is demonstrably not beholden to his own political party – it’s easy to understand why the partisan, liberal establishment in Massachusetts bemoans his success and popularity in a historically blue state.


But one of his greatest strengths, however, is his focus on revamping the American economy and putting unemployed men and women in Massachusetts back to work. Earlier this month, for example, he sponsored a jobs fair at Roxbury Community College where over sixty organizations and businesses participated. He’s also drafted at least ten pieces of legislation, specifically designed to bolster sections of the Bay State’s economy struggling with burdensome regulations and exorbitant taxes.

While the left will continue their unrelenting crusade to sully his record – he should not engage in the same type of slanderous political gamesmanship as his opponents. Voters, after all, will ultimately judge him not by his politicking, but by his achievements. If he continues proposing meaningful legislation and working effectively across party lines, I suspect the Massachusetts electorate will increasingly understand why Scott Brown – and not Elizabeth Warren or some other inexperienced Democrat – is the best candidate to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate next November.

On a final note, early last month Brown courageously spoke out on the Senate floor, urging bipartisanship and unity as a means to move the country forward and solve America’s lingering fiscal problems. Watch the video below to learn more:


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