GOP Fires Back at Elizabeth Warren For Class Warfare Rhetoric

Posted: Oct 13, 2011 7:30 AM

A few weeks ago, Democratic Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren gave a fiery speech in Andover, Massachusetts in which she disparaged entrepreneurs and job creators by praising government initiatives for stimulating the U.S. economy. The Massachusetts Republican Party, in an effort to strike back, recently released a web video exposing her incendiary class warfare rhetoric and divisive attitude towards private industry.

As the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in the Bay State, Elizabeth Warren has already raised $3.15 million since announcing her candidacy in September. Yet, in spite of her popularity, she continues to draw national criticism for her imprudent remarks last month. Her argument during the campaign rally, in short, was that corporations should pay higher taxes exclusively because the private sector could not flourish without the support of government services.

This line of reasoning, however, is based on the faulty assumption that all Republicans – including Senator Scott Brown, for example – do not pay taxes already and vehemently oppose subsidizing schools, roads and public works projects. On the contrary, as columnist Jeff Jacoby pointed out a few weeks ago, Republicans recognize there is, in fact, a proper role for government in American society -- and that the corporations she loathes often accept exorbitant and unfair tax increases to ensure that these institutions stay solvent.

Furthermore, as a distinguished member of the liberal clerisy, she unsurprisingly lacks a basic understanding of the free enterprise system. The prosperity of our nation, both historically and today, stems not from the assistance of government, as she suggests, but from the ingenuity of the American people. While government facilitates commerce and protection through infrastructure and police forces – free market capitalism, not government – fosters economic growth and creates jobs. Her failure to recognize these distinctions – as well as her refusal to exalt the hardworking men and women who willfully fund public sector industries through taxes – are glaring missteps that may energize her liberal base but will ultimately prevent her from courting conscientious voters in 2012.

Courtesy of Breitbart: