Sen. Cruz Notes Becerra's 'Only' Experience with Health Care

Posted: Feb 23, 2021 4:30 PM
Sen. Cruz Notes Becerra's 'Only' Experience with Health Care

Source: Al Drago/Pool via AP

There's plenty to complain about regarding President Biden's HHS secretary nominee, Xavier Becerra. He has a poor record on the right to life, and he has supported some radical health care policies.

Asked to analyze the nomination on Fox News, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) targeted Becerra's lack of experience and made an effective analogy in the process. 

"He's not a doctor, he has no scientific background, and he has no background in virology, he never worked in a pharmaceutical company," Cruz said of the HHS nominee. "He's got nothing to do with health care!"

"He's a trial lawyer," Cruz continued. "And his only experience, and his only experience, as far as I can tell, with health care is he sued the Little Sisters of the Poor."

"If a Republican nominated a trial lawyer to lead the Health and Human Services Department in the midst of a global pandemic, they'd be laughed out of the room."

Pro-life groups have blasted out warnings about Becerra these past few weeks.

“During his time in public office, Xavier Becerra has displayed a vindictiveness towards those who protect the unborn as well as a disregard for actual healthcare," said March for Life president Jeanne Mancini. "He has a record of using his position to aggressively attack pro-life institutions and individuals, and clearly has no qualms about wielding his political power to promote taxpayer-funded abortions on demand up until birth - something with which the majority of Americans disagree. Confirming this nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services will only further divide America. Americans deserve a well-qualified professional with real medical experience at the helm of HHS, not a puppet for big abortion.”  

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, a non-profit that once sued Becerra after the California Department of Health tried to regulate pro-life pregnancy centers. 

“The nomination of Xavier Becerra to be secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services is a disgraceful attack on the pro-life values of millions of Americans," NIFLA Vice President of Legal Affairs Anne O’Connor said in a statement. "Becerra’s extensive track record of targeting pro-life centers and medical clinics – along with anyone that disagrees with his pro-abortion dogma – is evident for all to see. His appointment to HHS imperils pro-life pregnancy centers. These dedicated nonprofits provide more than $266,764,916 in free services annually to mothers, fathers, babies, and families nationwide. Failure to reject this nomination is a continuation of Becerra’s unconstitutional attacks on pregnancy centers in California and before the Supreme Court in NIFLA v. Becerra.” 

Connor outlined 10 of Becerra's most radical statements over the course of his career. He had a hard time narrowing it down.