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Sen. Rubio's Message for Americans Ahead of Second Impeachment Trial

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) agrees with many of his fellow Republicans. Nothing good is going to come out of this second impeachment trial against former President Trump. In fact, Rubio argues it's going to hurt the Americans that lawmakers should be trying to help get back on their feet. Democratic lawmakers are leading the effort to impeach Trump, now a private citizen, for inciting an insurrection after the deadly Capitol riots on January 6. Rubio argues that the American people would be better served if Congress allows the Justice Department to handle this one.

“There isn’t a single American that’s going to get a vaccine because of this impeachment trial," Sen. Rubio said in a video statement Tuesday morning. "There isn’t a single American that’s going to find a job because of this impeachment trial. There isn’t a single thing that’s going to happen to make us safer from the threat of China from this impeachment trial. And these are the things I wish we were focused on – focused on getting more vaccines to people, focused on getting the economy growing again and getting people back to work, and focused on confronting the challenges before our country. We should be spending every second we’re up here working on those things, not on a trial to impeach a president who’s no longer in office.”

In a separate video, Sen. Rubio explains that when he talks to Americans, the No. 1 issue is how the coronavirus pandemic has upended their lives. They've lost loved ones or jobs, and some kids have now lost more than a year of education.

"That's what we should be focused on," Rubio argued.

"But here's the problem," he continued, "the U.S. Senate's not going to be focused on that – it's going to be focused on an impeachment trial of a president that's no longer in office."

"That's a waste of our time," Rubio said. "Let the criminal justice system deal with the wrongdoing on January 6...but let us here focus on the things that matter to you."


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