Watch: Elise Stefanik's Opponent Has 'Meltdown' Over Court Packing Question

Posted: Oct 20, 2020 8:58 AM
Watch: Elise Stefanik's Opponent Has 'Meltdown' Over Court Packing Question

Source: Andrew Harrer/Pool Photo via AP

It seems that it's not just Joe Biden who can't answer a simple question about the Supreme Court. On Monday, Rep. Elise Stefanik's (R-NY) liberal opponent, Tedra Cobb, refused to answer whether or not she supports court packing, the act of adding more justices to the Court, during their 7 News Watertown NY-21 debate. She also accidentally showed the audience that she knew little about how the court packing process actually works.

"If you are elected to Congress, would you expand the Supreme Court?" the moderator asked Cobb.

"It is unfortunate this president moved forward with a nominee...what's happening now is a distrust for the Supreme Court," Cobb began, not answering the question. She went on to say that she thought it was an inappropriate question to ask her because "she's not running for the Senate."

That's when Stefanik had to tell her that, uh, in the House, she'd be having a say on court packing too.

"She is fundamentally misinformed," Stefanik said of her opponent. "That would have to be updated by the U.S. Congress. That would be a vote in the House and the Senate. It's not a Senate nomination. Court packing and adding additional seats to the House, would come before the House."

The Stefanik campaign called Cobb's brutal non-answer "the biggest meltdown on court packing of any Democrat congressional candidate across the country."

“Taxin’ Tedra Cobb continues to earn the title as the worst Democrat candidate in America when asked at the Watertown debate if she supports court packing,” Stefanik spokeswoman Maddie Anderson said in a statement. “Despite being pressed by the moderator several times, Taxin’ Tedra was like a deer in the headlights and repeatedly refused to answer the question. As if that isn’t bad enough, she showed that she has absolutely zero understanding of the job she is auditioning for when she said court packing was only a Senate issue - the House would also have to vote on packing the courts. Even when faced with the facts from Elise Stefanik, Tedra Cobb still refused to answer the question."

By the way, Rep. Stefanik answered the question rather easily.

"I'm opposed to court packing," she said.

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