Gov. Cuomo Ripped for His Remarks at the DNC Convention

Posted: Aug 17, 2020 10:30 PM
Gov. Cuomo Ripped for His Remarks at the DNC Convention

Source: Democratic National Convention via AP

Thousands of grieving New Yorkers point to Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the culprit who sent their elders to the grave thanks to his March 25 nursing home mandate that drove thousands of recovering COVID patients into elder care facilities.

New York officials refuse to share the actual number of COVID-related nursing home deaths, but the witnesses at Monday's hearing with New York lawmakers are convinced that the Cuomo administration is lying and is engaged in a "cover up." Why else would Democrat state senators be "uncomfortable" with hearing their testimonies?

And yet, Cuomo had the nerve to say that the Trump administration has been incompetent and negligent throughout the pandemic and that the way New York handled the crisis was "beautiful."

At one point Cuomo even referred to the coronavirus as the "European virus," criticizing Trump for being so laser focused on China, while ignoring how the virus swept through Europe. The governor also called COVID...a metaphor. 

Social media lit him up for those undeserved pats on the back.

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The division in this country, Cuomo insisted, was created Trump, and Trump "made it worse." The government is supposed to be our immune system, but this federal government he called "incompetent." It was, he said, "the failure" of a government who tried to ignore the problem. 

Earlier today, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean was one of several grieving family members who testified about how Cuomo's nursing home mandate led to the death of a loved one. One by one, witnesses explained how it wasn't until after Cuomo enforced his mandate that their parents or grandparents suddenly became gravely ill. To make matters worse, the nursing homes themselves were uncommunicative and, in some cases, downright cold.

Still, Biden gave him a thumbs up.