Local Pennsylvania Paper Issues Brutal Editorial About Biden

Posted: Jun 26, 2020 1:30 PM
Local Pennsylvania Paper Issues Brutal Editorial About Biden

Source: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Former Vice President Joe Biden made a quick visit to Lancaster, PA, this week, where he met with parents to discuss health care and chatted with local lawmakers to go over a host of other issues. And the local press weren't allowed to cover it. Due to what the Biden campaign called "space restrictions" and coronavirus precautions, they barred local outlets from attending his event, while national outlets like The New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC were allowed to walk right in.

Upon Biden's departure from Lancaster, one of the local outlets denied entry to the event, LancasterOnline, sounded off about how they were treated. Photographer Ty Lohr was especially peeved, considering his photo coverage had to be relegated to the parking lot.

Their ostracism is the exact opposite message that Biden should be campaigning on, the LancasterOnline editorial board fumed in their new op-ed.

The editors explained why they had every right to expect the same treatment and access as the larger and perhaps more popular outlets.

The COVID-19 health crisis is no excuse. LNP | LancasterOnline has covered the pandemic extensively and thoughtfully. Our professional reporters all follow masking and social distancing guidelines and could have easily done their jobs without risk to anyone.

Local newspapers are more essential than ever. Newspapers offer perspective that other forms of media cannot, and their reporters become experts about the communities they cover.

By shutting LNP | LancasterOnline out of an important community health discussion held here Thursday, the Biden campaign sent the wrong message about the importance of local newspaper journalism to the very communities it is trying to reach during the presidential campaign.

Biden hasn't had much time for the press lately at all. As the RNC continues to tally, the former VP now hasn't held a news conference in over 85 days, earning his new nickname "Basement Biden."