Catholic Priests Are Getting Creative with Socially Distanced Baptisms

Posted: May 26, 2020 10:30 AM
Catholic Priests Are Getting Creative with Socially Distanced Baptisms

Source: AP Photo/Vitnija Saldava

Some people thought it was photoshopped. Or at least an Onion story. But, in this coronavirus pandemic, the surreal is becoming the norm. As you know, religious leaders have had to enact severe restrictions for their congregants.

As it turns out, baptisms are no exception. With the stay six feet away rule, how are priests supposed to baptize infants? In traditional baptisms, the priest will dab water on the baby's forehead.

I present, baptism by squirt gun.

Commenters were pleading with Woods to tell them this was a parody. But it's not an anomaly. The practice of using squirt guns to spray Holy Water is catching on in states like Michigan. On Easter Sunday, Father Timothy R. Pelc of the St. Ambrose Parish in Detroit became a viral sensation when he used a squirt gun to administer Holy Water in its traditional Blessing of Easter food baskets. Standing a few feet away from cars, Pelc sprayed water at parishioners and food baskets.

Pelc explained that he chose a squirt gun because it would be fun for the children on Easter. As you can see, his parish had way too much fun with it on social media.

"The squirt gun allowed the dose without any cross-contamination," Pelc explained. "He kinda encouraged me to take the risk."

It was fun while it lasted.

"We're returning to something this coming weekend and I have baptisms the following week and I do not intend to use the squirt gun," Pelc said. "I've retired it because I've enjoyed it so much."

On Friday, President Trump instructed church leaders to practice a bit of civil disobedience this weekend and open their doors because what they do is "essential."