Kellyanne Rebukes CBS Reporter Who Suggests Trump Only Picked 'Wealthy, White Men' to Help Reopen the Country

Posted: Apr 16, 2020 10:15 AM
Kellyanne Rebukes CBS Reporter Who Suggests Trump Only Picked 'Wealthy, White Men' to Help Reopen the Country

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

CBS News reporter Paula Reid irked President Trump at one of his coronavirus task force briefings last week with her snarky line of questioning. 

"Why are there no consequences for China for the misinformation?" she asked at one presser.

"How do you know there are no consequences?" Trump responded. "I wouldn't tell you."

She also suggested that the Trump administration did zilch in the time from when they banned travel to and from China to when the outbreak really started to become an issue in the U.S. And that's when Trump called her a "fake."

But Reid used the same snarky strategy with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Thursday. 

Her question regarding how the president was planning to reopen the country was an alright one, and it could have been salvaged. But framing is everything. To paraphrase Reid, she asked Conway why the group of CEOs Trump chose for the council that will help get the country back to work are "very wealthy white men."

Conway gave Reid a look and an eye roll, but she answered her question, explaining that Trump will be working closely with leaders in banking, technology, health care and sports. She added that the president "doesn't choose" who leads sports leagues and the CEOs of companies who want to help.

Reid persisted with her misleading angle, after which Conway gave her an exhausted look and said, "Paula, I actually don't know what's happened to you, respectfully. I don't know why you've changed."

"You're in the briefing room screaming at Anthony Fauci and the president of the United States," she continued. "I frankly think it's unbecoming."

Conway said she was there to inform the American people about how the administration is helping them get back on their feet. She told Reid it seemed like she was there "for a different reason these days."

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