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Klobuchar (and Tim Allen) Share Some Truths About Bernie's Socialist Agenda

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) was the only Democrat onstage in New Hampshire earlier this month to admit she's concerned by the potential for her party to nominate a socialist. But Sen. Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner, having won the first three presidential primary contests. He calls himself a democratic socialist, but we all know he can drop the first part.


Klobuchar shared that same concern at Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, SC a few days before Saturday's South Carolina primary. She then did what Bernie has refused to do. She explained just what's in store for America if Sanders ever enacts his radical, socialist Medicare for All plan.

"The math does not add up!" she declared.

"In fact, just on '60 Minutes' this weekend, he said he wasn't going to rattle through the nickles and dimes," Klobuchar noted. "Well let me tell you how many nickles and dimes we're talking about. Nearly $60 trillion. You know how much that is? For all of his programs, that is three times the American economy." 

On page eight of his Medicare for All plan, Sanders notes he will kick 149 Americans off their health insurance in four years. Klobuchar wants to offer something "more affordable," including a non profit public option.

He is "alienating" voters, Klobuchar later added.

As expected, Sanders also had to face the music over his repeated praise of Cuba's old communist leader Fidel Castro. He was a brutal dictator, but Sanders was apparently impressed by his education plan. 


As former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg asked at one point during Tuesday's debate, how are Senate and House Democrats going to explain how their Democratic nominee told Americans to "look at the bright side" of Castro's murderous regime?

Tim Allen was watching the debate it seemed, because he shared this relevant dictionary reference.

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