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Clyburn Downplays the Low Black Unemployment Rate

AP Photo/Sean Rayford

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto gave Democratic House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) a hypothetical: Will you support the eventual Democratic nominee no matter what - even if it comes down to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg? The guy who oversaw the controversial stop-and-frisk program that disproportionately affected young minorities? The guy who said racist and sexist things on tape?


Yes, Clyburn said. He'll support whoever the Democrats pick to take on President Trump, because no matter what any of the Democratic candidates have said, Trump's language and behavior is ten times worse.

"Not as much as what Trump has said about African-Americans," he answered. "Anytime I go to the polls I'm considering positive and negatives on all candidates."

Cavuto countered to note that even though voters may not love everything Trump has said, can he deny that the president has "delivered the goods" on African-American jobs?

Yes, he can. Clyburn downplayed the current low black unemployment rate and invoked slavery to make his point.

In his past two State of the Union addresses, Trump has cited the historic low black unemployment rate, but most Democrats remained seated and stone-faced, refusing to acknowledge the economic positive.


"The unemployment rate for African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans has reached the lowest levels in history," Trump said again at this month's SOTU. "African-American youth unemployment has reached an all-time low. African-American poverty has declined to the lowest rate ever recorded."

Again, silence from the Dems. 

The 2020 Democrats are currently all vying for Clyburn's endorsement before next weekend's South Carolina primary. In a post-debate interview on MSNBC Wednesday night, former vice president Joe Biden sounded confident that he'll be the one to grab it.

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