Trump Regrets Mike Pompeo's 'Mistake' in Handpicking Bill Taylor

Posted: Oct 25, 2019 2:00 PM
Trump Regrets Mike Pompeo's 'Mistake' in Handpicking Bill Taylor

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Outside the White House on Friday, President Trump was just as frustrated as ever by the Democrats' impeachment inquiry. This time, however, he predicted what would happen if something actually happens with their "phony witch hunt." 

There will be a "recession depression like the country has never seen," Trump said, adding that "there will be repercussions in the market." 

He was adamant that he "did nothing wrong" and that it's the Democrats who "should be ashamed of themselves."

But, the press questioned whether his own administration was undermining him. For instance, the now infamous opening statement of Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor in the impeachment inquiry alleged that the president pressured Ukraine to spy on Joe and Hunter Biden, and that Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine. It sure sounded like Taylor was accusing Trump of quid pro quo.

Trump rejected Taylor's account and referred to him as a "Never Trumper."

A reporter reminded Trump that it was his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who handpicked Taylor to serve as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, to which Trump could only sigh.

He then expanded on his feelings about Never Trumpers, calling them "bad people."

But, he had some compassion for "recovering" Never Trumpers. Those individuals, he explained, came around because they "learned how to win through me.'"

A few days earlier, he called Never Trumpers "human scum."

The president predicted that the real scandal will drop once the DOJ finishes its investigation into the investigators responsible for the Russian collusion probe.