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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Minneapolis, MN - Impeachment? Go ahead! That was the message I got from Trump supporters outside of his rally at the Target Center Thursday night.

"They should go ahead and vote on it," the first supporters, both named Mike, I talked to told me.


"Oh, they need to" hold the vote, another voter from Richfield, Joel, said. "They can't sit on the fence."

"I say bring it on," he added about the inquiry. "I think the more they look into it, the more they see Trump's innocence...Uncover everything." 

But the Democrats aren't quite there yet. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats were launching an impeachment inquiry against President Trump last month following a whistleblower complaint against him. The complaint, which relied on secondhand knowledge, alleged that Trump asked Ukraine to interfere in U.S. elections and investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter's ties to a corrupt Ukrainian gas company. They've begun issuing subpoenas to Trump associates as part of their investigation.

It's all going to backfire on them though, more than one Minnesotan predicted.

"That's a joke," David from Hugo, MN said. "That'll definitely backfire."


"See the turnout here today," he observed, pointing to the thousands of proud Trump supporters donning "Make America Great Again" hats. He predicted it had national implications as well.

"That's going to backfire because they've been trying to impeach this man since he came down the escalator," voter Joy explained. "They're against him because he's exposing them. And he has no reason to be impeached. And they will find that out and it will backfire."

President Trump's speech last night was as uproarious and entertaining as we expected. In his hourlong remarks, he called the Democrats "sick" for their obsession over impeachment.

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