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Lou Rocco/ABC via AP

Guest host Ana Navarro's return to "The View" on Friday wasn't a very warm one. We're used to bickering among the very opinionated women at the coffee table, but Navarro's head-to-head with Meghan McCain may have just made history.


During this morning's "Hot Topics," the co-hosts entered into a conversation about the whistleblower complaint against President Trump, alleging that he contacted a foreign government, reportedly Ukraine, to find out dirt on his potential 2020 opponent Joe Biden. Trump's critics suggest it could be proof of him abusing his authority, and leading Democrats are hoping to use the report as ammunition for a congressional investigation. But the president said there's nothing untoward about the conversations he's had with foreign leaders.

During "The View" discussion, McCain tried to make the point that there were hypocritical leftists who loved hearing this White House whistleblower story, but criticized the efforts of WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.


She later tried to clarify her argument but was interrupted by Navarro. That's when McCain yelled, "Excuse me!" and Navarro responded, "Don't scream at me. I'm two feet away."

"That's so rude, Ana," McCain said in response. "Welcome back." 

McCain shook her head in frustration and, as ABC was about to cut to commercial break, viewers could spot McCain storming off set, while members in the audience mumbled awkwardly and sat with shocked expressions on their faces.

See how it all unfolded below.


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