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Progressives Target GOP Candidate for Her Looks, and Now for Her Work With Those With Down Syndrome

Sara Hart Weir is running against Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids in Kansas's 3rd congressional district race next fall. The Republican candidate was hoping the media would report on her experience and her qualifications, but, unfortunately, the first headlines about her campaign have been about her appearance. A progressive activist in Kansas accused the state GOP of recruiting Weir for Davids's seat because of her good looks. Weir pushed back, of course, and reminded the confused activist that this is an election, "not a beauty pageant." 


Now a different line of attack, from a Kansas Democratic official. When the Shawnee Mission Post shared a feature on Weir on its Facebook page which highlighted her service as CEO of the National Down Syndrome Society, Johnson County Democratic Party Executive Committee Anne Pritchett left a callous comment. For years Weir has worked to provide protections for people diagnosed with Down syndrome, but her pro-abortion critic could only focus on one thing.

"Her ‘disability rights’ organization focuses on preventing disabled kids from being aborted," Pritchett wrote. "Of course."

What's worse, that comment was liked by a local Democratic State Representative, Jerry Stogsdill.

The number of people who choose to abort their unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome can be incredibly sobering. In her work as an advocate, Weir has been determined to change that culture.

The Kansas Republican Party is calling for Pritchett's resignation. Weir's campaign, meanwhile, provided Townhall with the following comment.

“For almost 20 years, I’ve been an advocate for people with disabilities which was inspired by my best friend, Kasey, with Down syndrome," Weir said. "She inspired me to get involved, and I eventually became the C.E.O. of the world’s largest organization for people with Down syndrome where our entire focus was on giving all individuals with Down syndrome a fair shot at the American dream. I strongly believe that all life has value and worked to support that belief by fighting to ensure all individuals with Down syndrome had access to quality education, better healthcare and careers (not just jobs). These comments attacking me for “preventing disabled kids from being aborted” are heartless and indefensible - and a shock to families like mine who have been touched by a loved one with a disability. This is a time where we must put people over politics - this is about our society valuing all human life. I have spent the majority of my life’s work at the kitchen tables of these families. I have helped advocate to secure life-saving organ transplants for individuals when deemed to have too low of an IQ to warrant saving, I’ve fought for them to ensure they are paid a decent wage and have access to tax-free savings accounts - because I’ve seen with my own eyes how much meaning comes from the lives of all individuals no matter what - just ask Kasey, ask your neighbor who happens to have Down syndrome or ask my former (NDSS) colleagues with Down syndrome. They matter and deserve everything our great country has to offer.”



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