Gov. Greg Abbott Is Still on a Roll

Posted: Jun 17, 2019 9:15 AM
Gov. Greg Abbott Is Still on a Roll

Source: Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's string of popular bills. In the span of days, the Republican leader signed legislation to ban red light cameras - a nuisance to drivers everywhere - and allow Texans to get beer and wine delivered to their doorsteps. Similarly, he signed a bill allowing citizens to take some beverages home with them at craft breweries. His only caveat was that Texans had to promise to "drink responsibly."

His winning streak didn't stop there. Since those signatures, Abbott has championed several more worthwhile causes.

Thanks to Abbott's efforts, Texans can now: 

Sell lemonade without worrying about the red tape. Or, in one poor kid's case, handcuffs. 

Say goodbye to telemarketers.

And speak their minds on campus without fear of retaliation.

Abbott said he "shouldn't have to" sign the above legislation, since the First Amendment already grants all of us free speech. Nevertheless, he is giving Texas scholars that extra safety net. Senate Bill 18 will ban so-called free speech zones that have done quite the opposite, especially when it comes to conservative viewpoints, and will enforce more content-neutral standards for campus speakers. It will also be unlawful to deny a student organization registered status due to politics, religion, or and ideology.

If you scroll through Abbott's Twitter page you'll see there were even more bills where those came from. In sum, the Lone Star State may soon experience a population boost.

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