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People Are Comparing This CNN Analyst's Mueller Take to Legally Blonde

There have been some real hot takes about the now released Robert Mueller report on Russian collusion. To many, it exonerated the president. To the media, there are still some plot holes, including whether or not he's guilty of obstruction of justice.


Jeffrey Toobin was one of several media analysts to suggest Trump's body language and demeanor prove he's not out of the woods yet. 

Social media users immediately called to mind a famous scene from Legally Blonde in which Elle Woods tries to convince a jury her client is innocent because she exercises, which causes endorphins, which makes people happy. 

"Happy people just don't shoot their husbands," she reasoned.


Attorney General William Barr's behavior was also put under the spotlight on Thursday during his press conference. In particular, CNN panelists were concerned how many times Barr repeated that Trump "did not collude" with Russia, calling the repetition highly "suspicious." 

They insisted he was nothing more than a mouthpiece for President Trump.

“This was a political speech endorsing the president’s behavior," Toobin said.

Folks at MSNBC agreed.

"The word 'collusion,' a lawyer doesn't use that term," said guest Neal Katyal. "There is no crime of collusion. Only Trump uses that term."

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