Trump Blames Dems for Migrant Caravan

Posted: Oct 19, 2018 10:30 AM
Trump Blames Dems for Migrant Caravan

They may not be behind the wheel, but Democrats have driven illegal immigrants in the migrant caravan to the U.S. border, President Trump asserted during a raucous rally in Montana Thursday night. 

"They also figure, everybody coming in is going to vote Democrat," he added.

“They wanted that caravan and there are those who say that caravan didn’t just happen," he claimed. "It didn’t just happen. I just want to thank the Mexican government because they are stopping it hopefully before it ever gets to Mexico.”

He continued to blame the Democrats on Twitter.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) said on CNN Friday that the president is using the situation "to divide Americans." This is not a military situation, the Democrat said, "it's a humanitarian situation."

Trump is acting like "a 6th or 7th grader," Castro said, for suggesting Democrats wants these immigrants' votes. "None of these folks are able to vote in the U.S."

The Left, the Wall, the Truth
Dennis Prager

"I wish he wouldn't talk about fellow human beings like scapegoats to try and win in the midterms," the representative added.