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Tea Party Patriots Action Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border to chat one-on-one with some border patrol agents who are fed up with the federal government and are taking matters into their own hands.


Martin shared footage of her walk and talk along the border with Zach Taylor, a retired border patrol officer and current chairman of Chairman of National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

Martin and Taylor walked along the Bryan Terry Border Patrol Station in Bisbee, Arizona, named after the border patrol agent who lost his life in a gun fight with a drug cartel. Martin said a similar attack occurred the very morning of their interview on June 12. A border agent was shot multiple times but was saved thanks to his bulletproof vest.

Taylor wasted no time sounding off on Washington's "tone deaf" policies. They somehow keep making the problem worse. 

"The whole reason that this push to come to the United States is becoming so violent is because we are turning into a lawless society," Taylor explained. "There is no downside to violating the law. You can come here illegally, you can act like you’ve been here for 10 years. You can say you’re a DACA person and that’s all you got to do and you get signed up."

He offered a detailed solution - one he said would strike fear in anyone thinking of entering our country illegally. Let the agents conduct a biography interview of any undocumented person at the border, see if they qualify, and take them directly to an immigration judge, he proposed. Taylor predicted that 80 percent or more would not make the cut. At that point, we should fly them back to home country on military aircraft. That way, their comrades "can see 300 people getting off an aircraft that says, 'U.S. Air Force.'" 


"They will figure out the game is over," Taylor concluded.

Martin also spoke with Mark Dannels, the sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona. He shared how he and other law enforcement officials in the area are not messing around when it comes to community safety.

"We’ve sent a strong message to cartels you will not be doing business in this county," the sheriff said

Where the federal government won’t prosecute, they will - including juveniles. It may sound "cold," he said, but those kids are safer in his hands than the cartels.

Both Taylor and Dannels agreed that amnesty will get them nowhere fast. 

Washington has been "dancing all around the problem since 1986," Taylor said. It's time to make the final move.

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