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Report: NYC Ignored Over 400 ICE Detainers in Three Months

A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that from January to April of this year, the New York Police Department ignored over 400 detainer requests from ICE.

ICE in New York reviewed three months-worth of detainer notices sent to the NYPD and to the N.Y. Department of Corrections. ICE was attempting to determine if there were any trends in the type of criminal aliens released from custody by New York City without notifying immigration authorities.

ICE studied the months from January to mid-April of 2018 and found that NYPD and NYCD collectively ignored 440 detainer notices. Within that short period of time, 40 of those individuals released from custody subsequently committed more crimes and were arrested again. (Center for Immigration Studies)

Some of the released criminals had long rap sheets. A 28-year old man from Azerbaijan, for instance, was released in February despite having three arrests for criminal trespass and a re-arrest in April for Grand Larceny. ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations in New York explained the danger and financial burden the NYPD has placed on the city.

“In just three months, more than three dozen criminal aliens were released from local custody. Simply put, the politics and rhetoric in this city are putting its own communities at an unnecessary risk,” said Scott Mechowski, acting field office director for the ERO New York. “ICE has no choice but to continue to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, wasting valuable resources on criminal aliens who could be securely turned over to ICE custody at jails and prisons.  However, ICE remains committed to its public safety mission and will continue to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.”

Of course, we're used to seeing this kind of resistance in California, where sanctuary cities run rampant and lawmakers work overtime to protect illegal immigrants from being taken into custody. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf made a point of warning the illegal immigrants in her community that ICE was planning a raid in the next 24 hours, allowing hundreds to escape the sweep. President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed Schaaf as a "disgrace" for her shameful action, which apparently led to more crime, and considered taking legal action against her. Schaaf is just one example of liberal politicians in California who place illegal immigrants over community safety, although she claimed she was a hero in all this.

The resistance, you can see, is on both coasts. New York City has over 1.15 million illegal immigrants, according to the Center for Immigration Studies study.

(H/T Daily Caller)

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