Salon Posts Photo With Ivanka...Customers Demand Apology

Posted: Mar 22, 2018 4:45 PM
Salon Posts Photo With Ivanka...Customers Demand Apology

What is it with people being triggered by photos of Ivanka Trump? If I had the chance to get a selfie with the First Daughter, I'd post it on every social media page I own. However, I'd have to brace myself for the backlash.

When she visited the Pyeongchang Olympic Games last month, Ivanka took photos with some of the U.S. athletes, including silver medal winning bobsledder Lauren Gibbs. The athlete was proud to have met Ivanka and told her followers so, yet the hate still came in as fast as one of her bobsled races. People wondered how she could be so "complicit" in embracing the "liars" at the White House. The hate inundated Gibb's timeline to the point that she decided to take down the photograph.

Salon Spa W in Des Moines, Iowa had a similar experience when Ivanka came in as a customer last week. They were happy to serve her and posted a photo on their Facebook page to note her visit. 

Cue the public outcry.

"As an incredibly loyal customer, I demand an apology before I book my next appointment, and will be canceling the appointments I have,” one person wrote.

Only problem with supporting women in politics is when those women support decisions that weaken and disenfranchise other women," another customer complained.

It got so heated that the salon president, China Wong, had to weigh in on their decision to welcome Ivanka into their establishment. 

"We believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness," Wong wrote.

We believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness. We also recognize impact matters more than intent. We were taken aback by the response to this image of our Governor with Ivanka Trump who received services from our salon. While we are not a partisan organization we do see it as part of our mission to welcome people to Des Moines and serve everyone. We share images of our clients—some that are recognizable public figures—to showcase our work. We are honored to serve clients from all walks of life. Our East Village location, with proximity to the State Capitol and Civic Center, provides a unique opportunity to serve musicians, actors, Broadway stars, presidents-elect (including Barack Obama), those in town for the Iowa Caucuses, lawmakers, activists, commentators, and artists of every medium –– we have shared images of many along the way. We also serve you –– our beautiful, diverse, and passionate community. We proudly share our work and celebrate all of you because our purpose is making people look and feel beautiful. Again, we believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness. China Wong President, Salon Spa W _

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That was nice of the president to weigh in with such a heartfelt note, but I would've just responded to the haters with the following four words:

"It was a haircut."

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