GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Skips Family Council Forum...Is Accused of Hiding His 'Radical Agenda'

Posted: Feb 08, 2018 5:00 PM

Pennsylvania Republican State Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) is finding little love among conservatives in the state's gubernatorial race. His support for Senate Bill 974, since changed to SB613, has them urging voters to reject him at the ballot box. The controversial legislation allows transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.  

The American Principles Project released an ad highlighting Wagner's controversial support of the bill.

SB613 is a piece of legislation that "incredibly allows a boy to shower with your daughter at school,” the ad's narrator says.

"It's time to stop Scott Wagner," she concludes.

The group released a new ad this week, reminding Pennsylvanians about how Wagner voted.

"You can't depend on Scott Wagner to protect your daughter's privacy at school," the narrator says.

Wagner gave APP more ammunition by announcing he'd be skipping a Pennsylvania Family Council candidate forum scheduled for this weekend. APP surmised that Wagner is going to be a no show at the vent because his appearance would spotlight his "radical agenda."

“Given his support for the so-called 'Pennsylvania Fairness Act' that creates special rights for transgender people and discriminates against women and children, and given his repeated lies about the effects of that legislation, it’s not surprising that ‘Slippery Scott’ Wagner has withdrawn from a February 11th candidate forum hosted by the Pennsylvania Family Council," APP executive director Terry Schilling said in a statement this week.

“It’s important to realize that Wagner did lie, and continues to lie, about the Fairness Act. The Wagner campaign has claimed he would oppose any bill that affected showers and locker rooms. Yet in June 2016, in the Urban Affairs and Housing Committee, which Sen. Wagner chairs, an amendment was proposed by Sen. Scavello which would have clarified how the Fairness Act language affected locker rooms and showers and would have protected women and children in vulnerable situations. Wagner voted against that amendment and it failed, 6-5.

“Slippery Scott is running away from conservatives because he’s afraid of a confrontation. This is someone hiding his radical agenda from the people of Pennsylvania. Wagner needs to publicly come before the Pennsylvania Family Council and tell the truth: why does he want to force young girls to shower with boys?”

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election will take place on November 6, 2018. It is expected to have national implications.

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