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Durbin: Release the Tapes

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) still insists he heard President Trump using vulgar words to describe Haiti, El Salvador and African nations. With the White House pushing back at him, he is challenging Trump to release the tapes from the immigration meeting in question where the president supposedly uttered the word, "s***hole."

“I want to just call on the White House right now, release whatever you have," Durbin said Monday. "If they don’t have it, so be it.”

Despite what happened last week, Durbin says Trump and Republicans now have a chance to dispel those racism rumors.

Get DACA done, he said.

Durbin may not get his wish, at least not this week. Trump tweeted over the weekend that a deal on DACA is not going to happen because of Democratic obstructionism.

Hopes were high early last week when Trump held a bipartisan meeting on immigration at the White House. Cameras were rolling as we witnessed Trump reach out to both Republicans and Democrats for their input on how to implement immigration reform. The media praised him for pragmatism. 

Yet, a few days later his bipartisanship was all forgotten when reports said he asked why we were accepting immigrants from "s***hole" countries like Haiti and not accepting more people from Norway. A few Republican lawmakers have denied Trump used that language, but Durbin is adamant he heard Trump use that word.

Trump denies the reports and told the media on Sunday he is "the least racist person they've ever interviewed."

He also shared his new nickname for Durbin.

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