Surprise: MSM Ignoring Another Obama Scandal?

Posted: Dec 25, 2017 9:00 AM
Surprise: MSM Ignoring Another Obama Scandal?

The media seems curiously uninterested in the latest Obama administration bombshell. This past week, Politico published a report that President Obama helped derail an investigation into a drug trafficking ring waged by Hezbollah in order to protect his nuclear deal with Iran. The effort, entitled Project Cassandra, began in 2008 following evidence from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Investigators went under cover to track the alleged drug and weapons trafficking but were slowed by White House officials who were dragging their feet. In their pursuit to ease tensions with Iran, the Obama administration "let Hezbollah off the hook."

Politico's reporting was both shocking and intriguing, but their contemporaries and mainstream broadcast networks have not exactly jumped on the story.

In the days since it was first published, the New York Times has treated it as a non-story. The Washington Post’s sole article on it consisted of a blog post, by one of its liberal opinion writers, devoted to quotes from Obama-administration alumni dismissing both Meyer and his sources as neoconservative propaganda without actually refuting any of the story’s main points. The broadcast channels and the liberal news channels have similarly avoided the scandal. (National Review)

White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said the blackout proves the media is still "soft on Obama."

Congress certainly hasn't ignored the scandal. Rep. Ron DeSantis's (R-FL)'s National Security Subcommittee is in the process of sending letters to government agencies demanding answers as to how and why the Obama White House disrupted the anti-Hezbollah effort.

Break Ground, Not Promises
Ann Coulter

The Justice Department wants to get to the bottom of it too.

Judging by the media's underreporting of the Fast and Furious scandal under Obama's DOJ, it perhaps should be no surprise that there have been a paltry amount of headlines for the Hezbollah drug trafficking cover up.