McMullin Suggests Trump, Gillespie Are Exaggerating MS-13 Violence in Virginia

Posted: Nov 07, 2017 10:43 AM
McMullin Suggests Trump, Gillespie Are Exaggerating MS-13 Violence in Virginia

Last week, former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon published a tweet comparing Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie to the white nationalists who marched with pitchforks through Charlottesville over the summer. Then, the Latino Victory Fund aired a despicable ad showing a Gillespie voter seeking minority children to run over with his truck. Former independent candidate for president Evan McMullin is apparently of the same mind.

He also retweeted someone who called Gillespie's campaign "vile."

McMullin has been one of President Trump's biggest critics since last November, so it perhaps comes as no surprise he is opposed to a Trump-endorsed candidate in the Old Dominion. For instance, McMullin published a whole op-ed trashing Trump's populist style last month.

"Populist ideologues have wormed their way into American hearts and minds," pinning their supporters against groups they see as "inferior," McMullin wrote.

He also accused Trump and Vice President Mike Pence of having "gone out of their way to fan racial and other tensions, both in their campaign and their tenure in the White House." 

No wonder he's accusing the Gillespie campaign of the same thing.

One of McMullin's other arguments is that Virginia is already plenty safe without President Trump whining about MS-13 violence. 

Critics, including Townhall's Christine, were quick to point out that MS-13 is indeed terrorizing Virginia communities (they had proof) and kindly asked him to butt out of the race.

It's Election Day, and the polls show a tight race between Gillespie and Democrat Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.