Charlie Daniels: CNN Produces More 'Bull' than I Pull Out of My Barn

Posted: Aug 30, 2017 9:25 PM
Charlie Daniels: CNN Produces More 'Bull' than I Pull Out of My Barn

Singer Charlie Daniels, known for his incredibly popular "Devil Went Down to Georgia" diddy from 1979, posted one heck of a tweet about CNN this week.

Daniels, who is safely the most talented violinist in the conservative movement, said he has seen more "bull" on Jeff Zucker's network than his own barn.

It so happens that Tuesday was also the day CNN was lambasted live on TV by a Hurricane Harvey survivor in Houston who had had enough of the cameras in her and her shivering children's faces. Brian Stelter defended the broadcast, noting that the mother had agreed off camera to an interview. Yet, when it came time to talk, she broke down, screaming and swearing at reporter Rosa Flores and her photographers for shoving lights in victims' faces instead of helping.

CNN is not the only network to have covered the storm and its survivors down in Texas. However, CNN has often been a source of President Trump's ire this past year after sparring with reporters like Jim Acosta and Katy Tur. It was their decision to report 24/7 on unsubstantiated ties between Russia and Trump, however, that earned CNN the nickname "fake news." At one point, they were forced to retract a piece in which they linked then-Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund. The mishap resulted in a few resignations, but that has not stopped CNN from reporting obsessively over Russia, even in light of reports that they are lagging behind Nick-at-Nite in ratings. 

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Daniels has also been speaking out about the movement to take down Confederate statues across the country after the devastation in Charlottesville. Erasing history is an ISIS-like tactic, he argued.

"If you don't like it, don't look at it," he said.