New York Times: Trump Is the Voice of the New 'Whiny Right'

Posted: Aug 07, 2017 11:25 AM

“Trump won because he whines,” The New York Times’s Charles Blow wrote Monday morning. “He whines in a way that makes the weak feel less vulnerable and more vicious. He makes feeling sorry for himself feel like fighting back.”

Blow offered a few more details about Trump's supposed campaign strategy.

In this way he was a perfect reflection of the new Whiny Right. Trump is its instrument, articulation, embodiment. He’s not so much representative of it but of an idea — the waning power of whiteness, privilege, patriarchy, access, and the cultural and economic surety that accrues to the possessors of such. Trump represents their emerging status of victims-in-their-own-minds.

The way they see it, they are victims of coastal and urban liberals and the elite institutions — economic, education and entertainment — clustered there. They are victims of an economy evolving in ways, both technical and geographic, that cuts them out or leaves them behind. They are victims of immigration and shifting American demographics. They are victims of shifting, cultural mores. They are victims of Washington.

Chief of Staff John Kelly has reportedly reined in Trump’s tweeting as of late, but it seems he made an exception to allow the president to respond to this ridiculous op-ed.

Mainstream media elites like Fareed Zakaria also recently offered their two cents on the 2016 election. Trump’s win, he concluded, was based on deep-seated racism that was still lingering from Barack Obama’s presidency.

Trump didn’t win because he whines, and he didn’t win because of racism. He won because his policies and his voicing of those policies were 100 times better than his opponent’s. Hillary Clinton ignored key demographics during her arrogant campaign and failed to give even one inspiring speech.

The White House is already peeved with the Times for its weekend report that suggested Vice President Mike Pence was eyeing a 2020 run. He, too, used Twitter as a vehicle to air his grievances against the "absurd" report.