Scaramucci: Trump's Staff Needs Tougher Exterior

Posted: Jul 26, 2017 9:45 AM

New Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has advice for those who work for the oftentimes bombastic and aggressive President Trump: get tough. The attorney general, in particular.

“Stay tough,” he suggested. “The president likes tough people. The president likes fighters. We want to fight for the right reasons."

That may explain why Trump has become so disenchanted with his attorney general. Sessions bowed to media pressure and recused himself from the Russia investigation once it came to light he had met with a Russian official during the presidential campaign. The president saw the recusal as a sign of weakness. He also remains frustrated that Sessions has not been aggressive enough in shutting down leaks coming out of the White House, and looking into Hillary Clinton's alleged crimes.

The president has ratcheted up his frustration against the attorney general in recent days, calling Sessions “beleaguered” on Twitter and even suggesting to the Wall Street Journal that the former senator probably only endorsed him during the campaign because he was impressed by the crowds he drew.

Scaramucci said Wednesday that he would let Sessions and Trump handle their quarrel, choosing to offer his observations from afar.

“He’s trying to signal to people I need your loyalty,” Scaramucci said.

Once again, he urged Trump's staff be "tough" and "loyal," adding that the president will reward anyone who expresses their opinion and "has confidence" in themselves.

He couldn’t say whether Trump is planning to fire Sessions – and frankly, neither could the president. When he was asked about a potential staff shakeup at a joint press conference with the prime minister of Lebanon Tuesday, Trump said, “we will see.”