Londoners Can't Hide Anger in Aftermath of 'Avoidable' Tower Fire

Posted: Jun 16, 2017 2:15 PM

The devastating fire at London’s Grenfell Tower has now claimed 30 lives, according to police. Unfortunately, that number is only expected to rise as officials continue to search for dozens of missing persons. Some reports predict the number could rise to 100.

The Metropolitan police have officially begun a criminal investigation into the fire.

As their probe gets underway, authorities have concluded that the blaze was not started intentionally.

However, that conclusion may only further frustrate Londoners who are wondering why the building was not properly equipped. The building, which was outfitted with aluminum composite material (ACM), had apparently not been properly inspected. “Nothing was done to improve fire-proofing standards, The Telegraph writes, while also citing changes in laws, dangerous cladding, no government reviews, and even missing sprinklers to try and explain the tragedy.

A fire safety expert said that the blaze was "entirely avoidable."

Hundreds are expected to take part in a rally Friday night to express their outrage over all these oversights and demand justice for the victims. Then, on June 21, a “Day of Rage” will be held on Shepherds Bush Green, a district in west London.

Londoners directed more of their anger toward Prime Minister Theresa May, who they say did not visit victims soon enough, instead choosing to meet with fire crews and police. Former cabinet minister Michael Portillo said that decision amounted to a lack of “humanity.”

May eventually did visit the hospital and met with victims. She has also launching a public inquiry into the fire, demanding that Londoners "deserve answers."

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William have also met with residents who were affected by the fire.

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