Pelosi Gets Personal to Again Ensure Us that Pro-lifers Are Welcome in the Democratic Party

Posted: May 03, 2017 11:00 AM

With Democrats leaving the party (apparently in droves) over DNC Chair Tom Perez's radical abortion demands, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been taking a different tone on the right to life. She once referred to late-term abortion as a "sacred" decision between a woman and her unborn child. Yet, she is now insisting pro-lifers are welcome in the party. "Of course" you can be a pro-life Democrat she said on Meet the Press last week.

Asked again on Tuesday if there is room for pro-life views in the party, Pelosi shared pieces of her childhood with The Washington Post to make the case.

“This is the Democratic Party. This is not a rubber-stamp party,” Pelosi said in an interview with Washington Post reporters.

“I grew up Nancy D’Alesandro, in Baltimore, Maryland; in Little Italy; in a very devout Catholic family; fiercely patriotic; proud of our town and heritage, and staunchly Democratic,” she added, referring to the fact that she is the daughter and sister of former mayors of that city. “Most of those people — my family, extended family — are not pro-choice. You think I’m kicking them out of the Democratic Party?”

Pelosi also referred to abortion as a "fading" issue.

What a strikingly different tone from past elections (like the 2012 presidential election), when all we heard from the Democrats was "women's rights" and "women's autonomy."

Seeing statistics that prove a quarter of Democrats are pro-life and majorities of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, it's no wonder party leaders are changing their tune.