CNN Explains Why It Rejected Trump '100 Days' Ad

Posted: May 02, 2017 1:00 PM

To mark President Trump’s first 100 days, the administration produced an ad highlighting what they believe are his biggest accomplishments.

The ad, however, was apparently rejected by CNN and the Trump team is now accusing the network of intentionally stifling any good news from the White House because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

“It is absolutely shameful to see the media blocking the positive message that President Trump is trying to share with the country. It's clear that CNN is trying to silence our voice and censor our free speech because it doesn't fit their narrative," Michael Glassner, the Trump campaign's executive director, said in a statement to reporters.

CNN defended its decision to distance itself from the ad, considering some of its anchors star in it. Some reporters, like Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell, are pictured while a narrator accuses the media of covering up Trump’s wins.

The ad controversy is just the latest snag in a hostile relationship between Trump and CNN. During the 2016 campaign, CNN producers decided to do away with neutrality and editorialize several of its headlines throughout the 2016 campaign to question about everything Trump said. When the network reported on an unsubstantiated Russian dossier, Trump infamously shot down a question from reporter Jim Acosta at a January press conference, the first time he referred to CNN as “fake news.” 

He has used the phrase a few times since.