Sad: CNN Still Unapologetically Trolling Trump With its Chyrons

Posted: Apr 25, 2017 5:00 PM

President Trump has consistently targeted CNN for a reason. Throughout the 2016 campaign, the network editorialized headlines during its broadcasts, calling out Trump anytime he appeared to contradict himself. Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway exposed CNN's bias in an interview with Jake Tapper last November. 

Not only is the network unapologetic about its cheerleading for Hillary Clinton while demeaning Trump, but some of the anchors are even bragging about their biased coverage. Brian Stelter was proud to share a recent CNN chryon that trolled Trump for his mixed feelings on WikiLeaks.

While Trump has certainly made contradictory remarks, it's curious that CNN did not take up this hobby until Trump came into the picture. Did CNN care when Obama misled the American people about his health care legislation? 

In keeping with their tradition of trolling Trump, CNN could have likewise called out President Obama with the following headlines.

"Obama: If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor (You Couldn't.)"

"Obama: That Payment to Iran Was Not Ransom (It Was.)"

"Obama Admin: The Benghazi Attack Was a Spontaneous Response to a YouTube Video (No, It Wasn't.)"

No, only his Republican successor deserves such mockery.