Filmmakers Start Crowdfunding Campaign to Grant Liberal's Wish and Send Him to Afghanistan to Hug ISIS

Posted: Apr 19, 2017 4:00 PM

When President Trump authorized the military to drop the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan to hit ISIS where it hurts, several liberals were not impressed. The real solution, they tweeted, is love, not violence. 

Filmmaker Josh Fox, who is behind the anti-fracking films Gasland I and Gasland II, was just one progressive who decided to speak out against the bombing and offer terrible foreign policy advice. On Twitter, Fox suggested that "#love stops hate, and bombings only create more #ISIS." 

He also referred to President Trump as a "mass murderer."

Filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, who have long trolled Fox for his climate change activism, want to help Fox be a part of the peace process he seeks. The duo has started a crowdfunding campaign entitled, "Send Josh Fox to Hug ISIS." Should they reach their $2,500 goal, the filmmakers will have enough to pay for Fox's airfare to Afghanistan, two nights in a hotel, "and a dozen roses so Fox can show ISIS how much he really loves them."

If Fox refuses the money, McAleer noted he will be exposed as a "hypocritical fraud." But, the campaign will not be for naught. The filmmaker explained that if Fox rejects them, the funds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The campaign is 46 percent funded, as of 4:00 p.m. Wednesday.