Mayor Emanuel Suddenly Criticizing White House For Not Helping Chicago

Posted: Mar 04, 2017 12:15 PM

President Trump has often noted the staggering crime rate in Chicago. The "horrible carnage" in the city is like a "war zone," he said in January. While he likes to speak in extremes, in this case he's not exaggerating. Last year, over 760 people were murdered in Chicago - the highest number since the mid-1990s. Already in 2017, over 400 shootings have occurred. A similarly stark statistic shows that Chicago has not gone one day in the past two years without a shooting.

Trump may be bringing attention to the dire situation in Chicago, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the words are empty until he puts them into action.

"The better question, I’d suggest, is whether the President cares enough about violence in our city to do more than talk or tweet about it,” Emanuel said.

Where, some are wondering, was this ire when President Obama was in charge? Obama's policies, such as strict gun control measures, did little to curb the violence and may have even contributed to an uptick in crime.

Others suggested Emanuel do some self-reflection.

If Chicago does not get its act together, Trump warned he would send in the Feds to take over.