Watch: Protesters Block 'Deploraball' Entrance, Scream Obscenities At Attendees

Posted: Jan 19, 2017 9:35 PM

On Inauguration Eve in Washington, D.C., President-elect Donald Trump and his family enjoyed a beautiful evening in front of the Lincoln memorial as several artists serenaded them during the "Make America Great Again" concert. The night ended in a dazzling red, white and blue firework display and it was an extremely patriotic moment. 

The scene was much uglier on the other side of town. 

The DeploraBall, an event for Trump supporters to celebrate his inauguration, was about to begin at the National Press Club, when protesters assembled to try and block the entrance. When the DeploraBall guests started showing up, the demonstrators had some choice names for them.

In others videos posted online, you can hear the protesters chanting "No KKK, Fascist USA!" and throwing water bottles at the ticket holders.

Other demonstrators set fires outside the venue and others were reportedly getting violent with police, resulting in the latter having to use pepper spray.

Unfortunately, this is probably just a preview of what we'll see tomorrow.