U.S. Officials: The RNC's Security System Was Better

Posted: Dec 16, 2016 11:25 AM

WikiLeaks, with the help of a mysterious source, managed to hack the Democratic National Committee and make the emails public, resulting in a PR disaster for the political party. The RNC’s servers, on the other hand, were barely touched. Liberals assume that means Russia was trying to help Donald Trump win the election. Some U.S. officials, however, have intelligence to suggest hackers had targeted the RNC, but the committee simply had better online security defenses.

Here’s how they did it.

RNC officials, concerned they too might have been compromised, called a private computer security firm, which in turn called the FBI and obtained information about what kinds of malicious emails to look for, the person said. Upon inspection, the RNC found that its electronic filters had blocked emails sent to a former employee matching the description they’d been warned about.

It appears that because of the RNC’s aggressive preventative measures, the hackers managed to breach only one RNC staffer’s email account.

Meanwhile at the DNC, staffers continued to email passwords even after they knew they had been compromised. So much for learning from their mistakes.

While the White House is convinced Russia was behind the hacks, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange insists that is not the case.