Democratic Leader for Alabama Senate: No, Jeff Sessions Is Not Racist

Posted: Dec 09, 2016 2:00 PM

As the media continues to smear the new attorney general Jeff Sessions as a racist, Alabama State Senate Minority Leader Quinton Ross (D-Montgomery), who worked closely with Sessions for two decades, is painting a much different picture.

"I have not witnessed any type of racial overtone. It’s just been two men working together to try to get things done for their constituency. You know, he represented the State of Alabama, and I represent a segment of the state, and while we don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, just as men we know how to work together and respect each other’s position to get things done. But that hadn't been my experience.”

Ross explains that he has worked with Sessions on several different issues like education policy, suggesting Sessions has always had his constituents' best interests in mind, regardless of skin color.

A little more digging into Sessions' background shows that he also has a history of taking on the KKK and helping to desegregate schools. In other words, he's not a career racist.

Considering Ross has worked with Sessions up close and personal, shouldn't we take his word over the media - many of whom use Google and hearsay as their main sources?