She's Not Done: Jill Stein Requests Recount in Pennsylvania

Posted: Nov 28, 2016 2:00 PM

To the chagrin of many beleaguered Americans, Green Party nominee Jill Stein is trying to extend the 2016 presidential election. She has already filed a recount in Wisconsin, which Trump won by a slim margin. Now, she is taking the fight to Pennsylvania.

"We must recount the votes so we can build trust in our election system. We need to verify the vote in this and every election so that Americans of all parties can be sure we have a fair, secure and accurate voting system,” Stein said in a statement.

Stein is claiming the results in a few key swing states were hacked. She has raised millions of dollars for the effort, yet news organizations like ProPublica have provided plenty of evidence on their Twitter account to prove there were no signs of voter fraud.

Even the Obama administration has said enough is enough. Accept the results and let's get on with democracy.