Stephanopoulos Pushes Back at Reince: 'You're Throwing Out a Lot of Words' About Emails

Posted: Nov 06, 2016 10:45 AM
George Stephanopoulos let Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta speak uninterrupted on ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning. He did not offer the same courtesy to RNC Chair Reince Priebus. 
Stephanopoulos asked Priebus about the GOP's ground game and chances in the swing states, to which Priebus noted they are ahead of the curve in early voting compared to 2012. They are not fighting from behind, he said, because "the momentum is on their side." 
When the conversation landed on Hillary Clinton's email investigation, it was apparent Stephanopoulos had no intention of letting the RNC chair answer. 
Priebus assured the ABC anchor that the newly found Clinton emails are not duplicative. He brought up the fact that Clinton's team clearly had something to hide when they destroyed her mobile devices with a hammer, at which point Stephanopoulos began to cut him off repeatedly.
"You're throwing out a lot of words," Stephanopoulos said. But, he said, it doesn't counter the conclusion FBI Director James Comey came to in June - that the agency found no proof of intent and therefore no criminal charges were necessary.
Those words Priebus was "throwing out" happen to be facts. Clinton aides did indeed destroy her mobile devices with hammers - something CNN's Brooke Baldwin found out the hard way.
Nevertheless, Stephanopoulos apparently didn't want to hear it. He must have liked Podesta's answers about Clinton's emails much better, allowing him to answer in full.
The latter said the new investigation "would end the same place as last June," and no further action will be warranted. 
"There's nothing we believe in this current round" that will change the outcome, he said, urging Comey to put out the new information for everyone to see.
Perhaps the most relevant portion of Sunday morning's "This Week" was when Priebus noted how biased the media has been toward the Trump campaign.
It's worth noting Stephanopoulos is a former donor to the Clinton Foundation and featured attendee for the Clinton Global Initiative annual meetings.